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Location: Harvey Mudd and Pitzer College, Claremont CA

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Dates: June 13-20, 2015

  • June 13-15: HHMI Quantitative Biology Conference

  • June 13-20: BioQUEST Summer Workshop and Science Case Net Annual Conference

Check in: There will be a registration table open Saturday 9am to 12pm. The table will be located at the Shanahan Center for Teaching and Learning, Harvey Mudd College.  All workshop events will take place at the Shanahan Center. Keys for the dorm will be available at registration.  If you arrive at any other time, go to the Pitzer East Hall dorm and call Kristin Jenkins when you arrive (608-622-9394).  

This summer workshop is a joint meeting of BioQUEST, the HHMI Quantitative Biology and the Science Case Net.  This workshop provides an opportunity to learn more about teaching quantitative biology to a wide range of student audiences by using quantitative cases as a framework to explore resources for teaching basic to advanced quantitative skills. Speakers from projects and national organizations will share insight and information for student success.  Participants work with like-minded colleagues develop activities for their own classrooms, and leave with new friends, new tools, and new energy to engage students with biology from a quantitative viewpoint.