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Charles Tilburg's Website

Charles Tilburg gave a talk on the Analysis of the Invasion of Delaware Bay by the Mitten Crab (Eriocheiwr saneness): or why Oceanographers love Mathematics!

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Francis E. Su's Webpage

President of the MAA came to talk with us about Voting in Agreeable Societies. 

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The North Eastern Sectional MAA Website

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Cheng Peng's Website

Cheng Peng led the talk on The Science of Turning Raw Data to Actionable Knowledge.

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State of Maine Government

Chris Boudreau was on the Careers in Data Science Panel. He works with the data for the State of Maine website.

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iVantage Health Analytics

Michael Topchik's career website. Michael was on the Careers in Data Science Panel. 

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Freeport Metrics

The website of Dan Pitch's work. He was on the Careers in Data Science Panel.

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Benjamin Schmidt Jobs

A data visualization connecting all of the majors to their professions.

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