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    I am actively committed to transformative education in which learners pose problems, develop and use multidisciplinary approaches to solve problems, and engage in peer review of their products. Our students need to be more than consumers of US silo-based disciplines and our educators could effect change through the collaborative development of open globally sourced curricula that embrace the strengths of contemporary learners.  To these ends, I have worked as director of BioQUEST, past president of ACUBE, past editor of the Bioscene: Journal of College Biology Teaching, past chair of the BSA Teaching Section, and a consultant on numerous undergraduate NSF and HHMI projects. I have focused my efforts on undergraduate science curricula, faculty development, and national community college outreach to include modeling and simulation (The BioQUEST Library), bioinformatics (BEDROCK), quantitative biology (NUMBERS COUNT), cyberlearning for community college faculty (C3 Cyberlearning), and extensive development of investigative case based learning (ICBL) with co-developer Margaret Waterman both here and abroad (LifeLines, ScienceCaseNet,  IUBS BioED, and Singapore’s NIE) through both funded projects and publications. 

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