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SIMIODE Textbook Resources - Software Codes


The various scripts and routines below support the exercises and projects throughout the book, especially those that involve data or large symbolic or numerical computations. In each case the code does not provide a solution for the students, but merely gets them started without the friction of typing in the data or figuring out too much syntax. Each piece of code comes in four versions: Maple, Mathematica, Matlab, and Sage. We do not provide basic instruction in these pieces of software, however, since Maple, Mathematica, and Matlab have fine built-in tutorials. There are good online resources for an introduction to Sage. Sage has the advantage of being free.

The Maple and Mathematica examples are provided in the corresponding format for each type of software, as well as in a pdf version. The Matlab code is presented as Matlab Live scripts, and in pdf. The Sage code is presented as a Jupyter notebook (see Project Jupyter for more information) and also presented as plain Sage scripts. Some auxilliary subroutines in Matlab and Sage are also provided, in plaintext.

The material is grouped by the type of software, then by chapter. However, the first group of scripts for each type of software focuses on the analytical or symbolic solution of ODEs using these pieces of software, and supports problems and projects throughout the text.

Worksheets and Scripts


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