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    I received my PhD from Purdue University in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology program. There my intensive graduate coursework focused on connecting disease-related molecules and their use as targets of selective therapeutics. My graduate research concerned growth promotion in cancer and resulted in the discovery of a new paradigm for inhibiting receptor tyrosine kinases. My postdoctoral position was as a fellow at Emory University in the NIH-sponsored Fellowships in Research and Science Teaching (FIRST) program ( As a FIRST fellow, I conducted research in C. elegans on muscle structure/function and participated in a mentored teaching experience.

    I started at Marian University in a tenure-track position in 2012 in the Biology Department. My teaching responsibilities include Molecular Genetics, Genomics and Advanced Genetics, Biochemistry, and associated labs .

    My research is in biology education. My specific interest is the role of visual representations in learning. These visual representations can be used to aid learning or to assess specific skills.

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