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    University of Toronto

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    After a childhood spent living in Thailand and South Korea, I continued the international adventure lifestyle with a BSc at St. Andrews, Scotland, in biology with an emphasis on conservation. After working for a year in plant ecology in the uplands of New Zealand and at a groundwater remediation enviornmental consulting firm in San Jose, California, I moved to Helsinki, Finland, to pursue an interest in lichen ecology and taxonomy. At the same time, I maintained and interest in vascular plant ecology, international water management, and heavy metal toxicity. After completing my masters at the University of Helsinki, I took advantage of a Trillium Ontario Scholarship to pursue a  PhD in the intersection between plant ecology and heavy metal toxicity in urban wetlands-- which morphed (as PhDs do!) into a focus on the mercury methylating microorganisms and the factors controlling their ecology and mercury methylation capacity. I am now living in Seattle, Washington, and looking for the next opportunity. 

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