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Fall 2019 FMN Announcement: Agent/Individual-Based Modeling Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN)

Agent/Individual-Based Modeling Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN)

Do you teach a modeling course, and want to include agent-based models (traditionally called 'individual-based models' in ecology), but don’t have a lot of experience with them yet? Would you like an approachable way to introduce math-phobic students to real modeling in your intro or ecology course? Join the Agent/Individual-Based Modeling Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN)! This professional development opportunity will include biweekly meetings this semester to learn core ABM concepts and how to implement them in Netlogo, and then collaboratively writing, revising, peer-reviewing, and sharing your own new course modules that expose students to those core concepts.

Applications are due August 16. Please visit for more information and instructions on how to apply.