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Community Engagement Manager Position

QUBES and BioQUEST are hiring a Community Engagement Manager. The community engagement manager will share information about two national education reform communities (BioQUEST and QUBES) with a broad community of faculty, collaborating projects, professional societies, and other stakeholders. The primary responsibilities include coordinating communications and consulting on the use of an online collaboration platform. The community engagement manager will be responsible for managing newsletters, blogs, social media, and other communications channels for sharing information with the QUBES and BioQUEST communities. The communication responsibilities involve highlighting resources and opportunities available through BioQUEST/QUBES and collecting and distributing materials from collaborating projects. The responsibilities associated with helping collaborators use the online platform include providing the technical information related to setting up and managing an online community spaces using the infrastructure, and sharing best practices for creating a vibrant online communities. The Community Manager will be responsible for working with other QUBES project personnel to connect partners with different service areas of the QUBES project including, but not limited to, project evaluation, professional development, publishing, and dissemination. The successful candidate must be able to work with representatives from professional scientific societies, externally funded education projects, and faculty special interest groups.

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