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Events: 2015/10/02

  • 02 Oct 2015
    • 12:00 pm EDT 
      10:00 pm EST 

      Using data-driven modules designed by Dryad Lab in college biology classrooms

      Category: Faculty Mentoring Network

      In this network, participants will develop a plan for integrating data-rich, interactive modules into their biology classes. DryadLab is an educational extension of the Dryad Digital Repository, a database that contains freely available research data from thousands of published scientific...

    • 12:00 pm EDT 
      10:00 pm EST 

      Teaching quantitative biology with agent-based models and NetLogo

      Category: Faculty Mentoring Network

      This faculty mentoring network will provide participants with a basic introduction to teaching agent-based modeling with NetLogo. The goal is to increase faculty awareness of how NetLogo-based activities can be used to build student understanding of the modeling process and complex biology...

    • 12:00 pm EDT 
      10:00 pm EST 

      Managing collaborative undergraduate research

      Category: Faculty Mentoring Network

      Participants of this faculty mentoring network will meet at BEER2015 to learn how to utilize QUBES to help manage your current undergraduate research, classroom-based research, or undergraduate education research agendas. Registration: Closed for Fall 2015. Contact: Carrie Diaz-Eaton


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