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Events: 2018/01/02

  • 02 Jan 2018
    • 8:00 am EDT 
      5:00 pm EST 

      HHMI BioInteractive Faculty Mentoring Network

      Category: Faculty Mentoring Network

      HHMI BioInteractive and QUBES are pleased to offer a unique networking and professional development opportunity from June 2017-January 2018 for faculty interested in improving student quantitative skills in biology. Faculty participants focus on providing students with a more comprehensive...

    • 8:00 am EDT 
      5:00 pm EDT 

      Beanbag Biology: Teaching Quantitative Biology through Hands-on Activities

      Category: Faculty Mentoring Network

      This group will share and implement hands-on (i.e. manipulative) activities that teach quantitative biology (e.g., disease modeling) using active-learning exercises. The activities can be adapted to any level from high school through graduate courses. Our approach lends guidance and support as...

    • 8:00 am EDT 
      5:00 pm EDT 

      The Discrete FMN

      Category: Faculty Mentoring Network

      Many scenarios in the life sciences can be modeled with discrete difference equation models which simulate how quantities change over evenly spaced intervals. The construction and analysis of models of discrete difference equations do not require knowledge of calculus, and thus make excellent...

    • 8:00 am EST 
      5:00 pm EDT 

      Investigating socio-environmental issues with data

      Category: Faculty Mentoring Network

      Are you interested in adopting interdisciplinary modules that address quantitative reasoning skills and socio-environmental issues? Participants in this FMN will focus on how to use data-driven modules in undergraduate life science courses. Accepted applicants will customize and implement...


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