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Genomics Workshop Pilot and BugBBQ

Category: Workshop

This February, a small group of committed community members, led by Taylor Reiter at the University of California, Davis, completed a major update to the Data Carpentry Genomics curriculum. This update included significant changes to both the data set and the software used for the lessons, modernizing the workshop and keeping it relevant to researchers working in the genomics field. 

In parallel with these updates to the core Genomics workshop curriculum, Maintainers of the Data Analysis and Visualization in R for Genomics lesson have completely revamped their lesson. While previous versions focused on analysis of a small metadata dataset and was disconnected from the narrative of the remaining Genomics lessons, this revised version picks up where the core lessons leave off in analyzing and visualizing output from a variant calling pipeline.

Jason Williams and Uwe Hilgert will be hosting a pilot workshop using this new lesson at the University of Arizona on 30-31 May, followed by a BugBBQ hacky day in which Instructors and other Carpentries community members around the globe will use feedback from the pilot to improve the Genomics lessons and prepare them for publication in June.

If you cannot be there in person, this event will also be live-streamed. Please visit the website for details.

genomics pilot pic


When: Thursday 30 May, 2019 10:30 am MDT - Friday 31 May, 2019 7:00 pm MDT
Where: University of Arizona
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