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Processes that Regulate Patterns of Species and Genetic Diversity - Intro Environmental Science

Author(s): Megan Kelly

Arrupe College of Loyola University Chicago

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This adaptation of this module asks students to enter their own data in a provided Google Sheet, download the class data, and plot and analyze it using Excel. The Google Sheet provided here works for community composition data recorded in every round of the activity, which is a time intensive way for students to collect data. Future adaptations could modify the Google Sheet to allow for students to enter just data collected for changes on their island: reproduction, migration, or mortality. An Excel template for analyzing the class data is also included.

To make the in-class activity smoother, two changes were made. A student handout for stepping through each part of each round of the activity is included. To improve the randomness of migration patterns, printable instructions for incorporating a dice roll are included. These instructions can be distributed to each bin for student reference.

Finally, teaching notes on this implementation are included.



This version contains files that may help make the activity smoother: a slide deck for introducing island biogeography and the activity, student instructions for randomizing colonization with a die roll, a student handout, and a data analysis template, and links to a screencast video showing students how to use the data analysis template, to HHMI Biointeractive spreadsheet tutorials which can be used as a pre-class homework, and to a Google Sheet that users can copy and provide to a class for collaborative data collection.

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