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Answer Checking - Modified for Environmental Data Analysis/Statistics Course

By Jennifer Prairie

University of San Diego

Modified answer checking worksheet from original BIOMAAP resource to include two additional questions relating to probability/P-values.

Listed in Teaching Materials | resource by group Biology Students Math Attitudes and Anxiety Program (BIOMAAP): a QUBES Faculty Mentoring Network

Version 1.0 - published on 06 Jun 2019 doi:10.25334/Q4NJ14 - cite this

Licensed under CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International according to these terms

Adapted from: Answer Checking v 1.0


This worksheet, modified from the original BIOMAAP resource, was used in an environmental data analysis/statistics course (sophomore undergraduate level for environmental and ocean sciences majors). This worksheet was given to students and completed in class in about week 4 of the course (after concepts of mean, median, proportions, and probability were introduced). 

This worksheet is identical to the original BIOMAAP resource except for two questions added to the end: one referring to the concept of a probability and the other referring to the concept of a P-value.


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Biology Students Math Attitudes and Anxiety Program (BIOMAAP): a QUBES Faculty Mentoring Network

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