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BioSkills Guide

Author(s): Alexa Clemmons1, Jerry Timbrook2, Jon Herron1, Alison Crowe1

1. University of Washington 2. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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The BioSkills Guide comprises program- and course-level learning outcomes for the Vision and Change core competencies that elaborate what general biology majors should be able to do by the time they graduate.

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To excel in modern STEM careers, biology majors need training in a range of transferrable skills, yet skills training is often a relatively underdeveloped facet of the undergraduate curriculum. To address this discrepancy, we have elaborated the core competency framework from Vision and Change into measurable learning outcomes which can be more easily interpreted and implemented by faculty. The resulting resource, called the BioSkills Guide, was developed and then validated using input from over 600 college biology faculty from a range of institution types, biology subdisciplines, and course levels.

Note: for best results, print the BioSkills Guide brochure on legal-sized (8.5"x13") paper.

Publication on the development and national validation of the BioSkills Guide is available at: 
Clemmons, A. W., Timbrook, J., Herron, J. C., & Crowe, A. J. (2020). BioSkills Guide: Development and national validation of a tool for interpreting the Vision and Change core competencies. CBE—Life Sciences Education19(4), ar53.

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