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21st Century STEM Workforce Skills

Author(s): Anna Monfils1, Debra Linton1

Central Michigan University

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This activity includes a leadership assessment and associated exercise to encourage the development of 21st Century STEM Skills.

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Version 1.0 - published on 22 Mar 2020 doi:10.25334/C0BA-ZP79 - cite this


As we look to the 21st century workforce we see employers looking for soft-skills. Learning and literacy skills are critical, but equally important are the life skills including the ability to be flexible, displaying leadership in in a group, maintaining productivity , and practicing social skills that foster positive group experiences. The module emphasizes skills that are essential to carry out interdisciplinary research including teamwork and an understanding of how to work together in diverse groups to achieve a collective goal.

Students completing this series of exercises will be able to do the following:

  • Apply scientific and technical knowledge to specific tasks and problems
  • Engage in independent learning, critical thinking, problem definition, and problem solving
  • Participate effectively in individual and team-related activities

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