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Author(s): Sage Lockett

Virginia Commonwealth University

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This QUBES module is focused towards AP Environmental studies courses. It includes hypothesis testing, transect sampling, Shannon Diversity Index, and scatter plot and bar graph creation in excel.

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Version 1.0 - published on 23 Jun 2023 doi:10.25334/9R1E-YK98 - cite this



This module will contribute to students understanding of ground spider biodiversity, ecological sampling techniques, and hypothesis testing. Through guided inquiry, data analysis, and visualization students will learn transect sampling methods to evaluate how habitat impacts biodiversity. This will be done by testing group data sets, then the class data set as a whole. Students will learn different ways to measure biological diversity with the Shannon Index, scatter plots and bar graphs. As this module is centered around spider community ecology, it will require outdoor sampling at night and will vary by campus. Students will utilize three 10 m long, 2 m wide transects and collect data on species abundance. Data analysis and visualization will be done through Excel. 


I am unsure of how to add GIS data to this project until I have completed my first sampling at The Rice Rivers Center. 

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