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Testing Goodness of Fit with the Chi-Square

By Dr. Kaci Thompson1, Dr. Kären Nelson1

1. University of Maryland

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Licensed according to this deed.


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  1. Sam S Donovan

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    I am writing these comments as the teacher of an introductory biology course who is interested in helping my students better understand the logic (math?) behind chi-square analysis. In these brief comments I'm going to focus on the ways that various mathematical and statistical concepts are highlighted in the module. The materials use a very consistent language around ideas like "model" and "critical value" in both non-biological and biological examples. One of my goals is to help students move beyond simply following a set of procedures to being able to discuss the core features of an analysis like chi-squared such as degrees of freedom or deviation from expectation. I think this module would help with these goals because it is very explicit, allows them to engage and receive feedback, and provides multiple examples. However, I have no idea if students would identify these general statistical concepts as part of what they learned or if they would just focus on the procedure for doing a chi-square analysis. 

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