Agent-based and Individual-based Modeling: A Practical Introduction

By Steven F Railsback1, Volker Grimm2

1. Humboldt State University 2. University of Potsdam

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From the authors website: 

"We designed this book to fill the need for an introductory text on agent-based modeling for scientists, for use both in university courses (graduate or upper level undergraduate) and by people teaching themselves. The book is not specific to any particular field of science; instead, we intend it to be useful in fields ranging from social and economic sciences to the natural and biological sciences; any field in which systems of unique, behaving, and interacting entities are of interest.

In fact, our book is designed to be introductory for the instructor as well as the students: we designed it specifically for use by instructors who themselves have little experience with either agent-based modeling or programming. We realize that few professors and scientists have such experience now; one of our main goals is to overcome this barrier to the adoption of agent-based modeling as a research technique."

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