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  1. 4-036-AltitudeDependentGravity-ModelingScenario

    18 May 2022 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Jakob Kotas

    Menlo College, Atherton CA USA

    When projectiles are way above Earth's surface gravity's changes become important when dealing with projectiles at high altitudes. We lay out an approach for such a case which is a second-order...


  2. Sagarika Dash


  3. Bees? -- Variables/Parameters Part I

    04 Nov 2015 | Posted by Adam Reiss

    For the caffeinated forage/bee dancing behavior study, I will program an agent-based model in NetLogo with certain variables and parameters. There was a similar agent-based model created from which...


  4. Example of using the ODD protocol to describe land-use change models

    Collections | 06 Aug 2015 | Posted by Jeremy M Wojdak