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Tags: aquatic ecology

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  1. Jillian K. Decker

  2. Ruth MacNeille

  3. Austin Happel

  4. Michelle Marko

  5. Melissa Skyer

  6. Todd Levine

  7. Brenda Allison Witt

    I am the Professor of Microbiology and Life Sciences at Redlands Community College where I teach a variety of classes including microbiology, anatomy, zoology, and methodologies in research. I...

  8. Nicole Chodkowski

    Dr. Nicole Chodkowski has been a QUBES postdoc since January 2018. Her primary mentor is Jeremy Wojdak at Radford University. Nicole’s background is in aquatic ecology. She received her Ph.D....

  9. Patrick W Crumrine

  10. Philips Akinwole

    I am a microbial ecologist by training and currently teach high school sciences at Bride Gate Community School in Columbus, OH. I am also interested in research at interface of climate change...

  11. les steven nagy

  12. Jon Nicholas Sweetman

  13. John Roach

    Trained as a stream ecologist, I am an author and developer at SimBio, an educational software company.

  14. Michelle Anderson

  15. Kevin Geedey

    Kevin is a professor of biology and chair of the natural sciences division at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. In addition to his administrative duties, Kevin teaches undergraduate...

  16. Jeremy M Wojdak

    Jeremy is an aquatic community ecologist at Radford University in Virginia. He is currently investigating predator functional diversity and better models to understand how multiple predator species...