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Tags: Biochemistry

Members (1-20 of 49)

  1. Peter Jonathan Lyons

  2. Victoria Brown-Kennerly

  3. Mike Pierce

  4. Cynthia Ann Wenner

  5. Tamerat Mandanis

  6. Maria Gainey

  7. Nathan C Staples

  8. Chanokh Berenson

  9. Joseph John Provost

  10. Sue Balmes

  11. Glenn Paul Dorsam

  12. Leanne Chambers

  13. Elizabeth Pollock

    I'm mid-career faculty, teaching chemistry at a variety of levels including general, organic and biochemistry as well as doing research in metabolic profiling while trying to figure how to get...

  14. Andrew Udit

  15. Kasandra Riley (She/Her)

    Biochemist & Chair of Chemistry at a PUI

  16. Didem Vardar-Ulu

  17. Nik Tsotakos

  18. Alexandra Pettit

  19. Richard John Russel

  20. Robert Howard Newman