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Tags: cancer biology

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  1. Dan Pierce

  2. Carlton Rodney Cooper,%20Ph.D.

  3. Samantha Jane Polese

  4. Victoria N. Bali

  5. Melissa Eslinger

  6. Lynn Marie Diener

  7. Karobi Moitra

    Dr. Karobi Moitra is a Clare Boothe Luce Associate Professor of Molecular Biology at Trinity Washington University in Washington DC and a former Assistant Provost for the Sciences at Trinity. She...

  8. George Plopper

  9. Melissa C Srougi

  10. Yee Mon Thu

  11. Laurel Dunn Lorenz

  12. Isabella Jacus

  13. Aylin Marz

  14. James Gordy

        I graduated from the University of Georgia with bachelor degrees in biochemistry/molecular biology and microbiology in 2008. I began to discover that I enjoyed and was good...

  15. Lauren Gollahon

    Teaching Philosophy I believe that it is the responsibility of educators to prepare undergraduates in the sciences to be a) intellectually equipped in the best possible manner, b) adaptable in the...

  16. Holly Basta

    I'm an Assistant Professor of Biology at Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT. I will be working with the HHMI Biointeractive Faculty Mentoring Network.  My research interests involve...

  17. Lauren Gollahon