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Tags: cell biology

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  1. Nathan s Reyna

  2. Amer Abdullah Hasan

  3. Natalia Caporale

  4. Arne K Christensen

  5. Jean Cardinale

  6. Cintia Fabiana Hongay

  7. Janet Cooper

  8. George Plopper

  9. Draft v01.3

    The Mystery of Lexi Clapat’s Cells Abstract “The Mystery of Lexi Clapat’s Cells’ is a case study that uses a realistic scenario to engage students in the analysis of...

  10. Nichole Lewis

  11. Diqui LaPenta

  12. Carolyn Wetzel

    Present faculty position at Holyoke Community College (Professor of Biology);Former faculty positions at East Tennessee State University, Smith College;Postdoc Iowa State University Dept of Botany...

  13. Jed Rasmussen

  14. Mark Maddock Slabodnick

    Mark Slabodnick earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, San Francisco. He is currently a postdoc at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying mechanisms that link cell...

  15. Gary Laverty

  16. Cori A Anderson

  17. Liza Marie Mohanty

    Greetings! I currently teach biology at the City Colleges of Chicago, where I've been since 2008. I am based at one of the CCC campuses, Olive-Harvey College. I've taught a range of biology...

  18. Lalitha Ramamoorthy

  19. Laura Angelica Diaz-Martinez

  20. Geneva DeMars