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Tags: cell/molecular biology

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  1. Jenny Link

  2. Mindy Wilson

  3. Chas. Kennedy

  4. Dana Parmenter

  5. Jena Chojnowski

  6. Emily Drill

    I have been teaching biology laboratory courses at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA for 8 years. Our biology program leans towards micro-level topics, reflected in the courses I teach:...

  7. Walter Gassmann

    Dr. Walter Gassmann is a professor in the Division of Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri and currently serves as the Interim Director of the Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center. He...

  8. Damilola Olatunji

  9. George Twaddle

  10. Cameron Kim

  11. KT Lemon

  12. Nik Tsotakos

  13. Sara Olson

  14. Kyle Aaron Jay

  15. Rachel Hoang

  16. Savannah Del Cid

  17. Selene Nikaido

    I am an associate professor in the Biology program at the University of Central Missouri. I have been teaching at UCM for almost 20 years. The main courses I am teaching are Genetics, Molecular...

  18. Audrey Caroline Wood

  19. George Plopper

  20. Douglas L Chalker

    Hello! I’m Professor Doug Chalker. I joined the faculty of the Wash U Biology department in 2001. The courses that I teach focus on genetics, genomics, and molecular cell biology. These...