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  1. Data Science with SARS-CoV-2 Antibody Structures

    07 Nov 2021 | Posted by Todd Smith

    Database growth since 1996 For the past 10 years, I've blogged about the annual Nucleic Acids Research (NAR) database issue. One of the challenges in teaching data science is having...


  2. ICYMI: Report from the 2018 Two-Year College Data Science Summit

    12 Jun 2019 | Posted by Adam Fagen

    In May 2018, the American Statistical Association hosted the Two-Year College Data Science Summit in Arlington, VA. With primary funding from the National Science Foundation and additional...


  3. Reflections on the QUBES/BioQUEST Summer Workshop - a future faculty perspective (third of a series).

    15 Oct 2018 | Posted by Elia Crisucci

    Four highly motivated future faculty volunteers attended the 2018 QUBES/BioQUEST Summer workshop.  Over the next couple of months, they will be sharing their experience with the QUBES...


  4. Using DataCamp to help teach data science in a biostatistics class

    09 May 2017 | Posted by Drew LaMar

    A large part of science can be described as the process, through observation and measurement, of extracting information from the world in the form of data.  Even with in-silico models, we...