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  1. 1-131-CaffeineElimination-ModelingScenario

    22 May 2022 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Beulah Agyemang-Barimah, Theresa Laurent, Therese Shelton

    We model the concentration of caffeine eliminated from the human body at a rate proportional to the concentration. This is a ``first-order reaction'' in the language of pharmacokinetics -- the...


  2. Pain Medication Treatment Modeling Project

    14 Jun 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Ricardo Cortez

    Tulane University

    This classroom modeling project applies mathematical techniques to solve a problem related to drug dosage patterns. Suitable for high school or undergraduate students. Prerequisite: Calculus I.


  3. Geoscience Methods and Resources for K-5 Pre-Education Majors

    28 May 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By James Burton Deemy

    College of Coastal Georgia

    : Exploring Geoscience Methods was an excellent capstone experience for Elementary Education Majors. The class I used this module with was 24 students of various backgrounds and academic...