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Tags: environment

Teaching Materials (1-5 of 5)

  1. Antibiotic Resistance Genes Detection in Environmental Samples

    27 Aug 2021 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Jessica H Bell1, Lori Thrun1, Michelle LeBeau1, Irina Makarevitch2, Jodi Goldberg2, Presley Martin2

    1. Century College 2. Hamline University

    Our aim is to provide an authentic research experience for undergraduate students in a variety of biology courses through collaboration between a four-year university and a community college. This...

  2. Ingestion of Microplastics by Coral

    12 May 2021 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Alyssa Hoekstra

    QUBES lesson on ingestion of microplastics by coral. Lesson will give environmental background and then use R for hands-on statistical analyses, followed by critical thinking questions.

  3. Avida-ED presentation: Context Dependent Fitness

    26 Oct 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Maren L Friesen1, Andrew M Jarosz1

    Michigan State University

    Avida-ED presentation

  4. PLANT Talking Points: Economic Botany - how we value plants...

    18 Oct 2018 | Teaching Materials

    This resource gives insight into the interactions between humans and the environment.

  5. Regulating Carbon Emissions

    12 Sep 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Robyn Smyth1, Sandra Penny2, Curt Gervich3, Gautam Sethi1, Eric Leibensperger3, Pinar Batur4

    1. Bard College 2. Sage Colleges 3. SUNY Plattsburgh 4. Vassar College

    Learn how to incorporate these teaching materials into your class. Find out what's included with each module. Learn how it can be adapted to work in your classroom.