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Tags: evolution education

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  1. Ryan Dunk

  2. Lori Rose

  3. Briana Pobiner

    Briana Pobiner is a paleoanthropologist whose research centers on the evolution of human diet (with a focus on meat-eating), but has included topics as diverse as human cannibalism and chimpanzee...

  4. Modeling the Mechanisms of Evolution

    25 May 2018 | | Contributor(s):: Jackie Matthes

    Simulate population-level mechanisms of evolution: genetic drift, gene flow, and natural selection.

  5. Evo-Ed Resources

    Collections | 13 Jun 2017 | Posted by Jim Smith

  6. Katie LaCommare

    I am a lecturer at University of Michigan - Dearborn. I teach introductory biology and ecology. I am interested in how reforms to introductory biology can lead to student retention in STEM and...

  7. M. Caitlin Fisher-Reid

    I am an evolutionary biologist with a research background in the population genetics and phylogenetics of salamanders. I have been teaching since 2009, and I currently teach Biology majors courses...

  8. Kristin Jenkins

    I am the Executive Director of TIDES at UT Austin.  I earned my Bachelors at the University of California San Diego, in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. A high point of my undergraduate career...