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  1. Build Multiomic and Visualization Skills in Bioscience Lecture

    19 Nov 2022 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Xyanthine Parillon


    This resource promotes inclusive learning by using all free platforms to extend the central dogma to an applied experience. Genomics is focused on with literature reviews that are performed to...


  2. The struggle is valid: Increasing student science identity and quantitative skills

    13 Jul 2022 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Denise Piechnik1, Rachel Hartnett2, Elizabeth Hamman3, Rebecca McHugh4, Sara Sawyer5

    1. University of Pittsburgh at Bradford 2. Mount St. Mary's University 3. St Mary's College of Maryland 4. University of Pittsburgh 5. Glenville State University

    This poster outlines the approach to our research on science identity and quantitative skills. Our approach includes an established educational researcher to assure that our design, approach,...


  3. A Summary of Inclusive Pedagogies for Science Education

    Collections | 05 May 2021 | Posted by Terrell R Morton


  4. Allison Horst