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Tags: microbial ecology

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  1. Daniel Clemans

  2. William Driscoll

  3. Kathryn M Docherty

  4. Courtney J. Robinson

  5. Mary C Savin

  6. Robin B Kodner

  7. JP Pablo Dundore-Arias

  8. Nic Vega

  9. Kathleen Morrow

  10. James Herrick

    B.S. in botany, M.S. in ecology (Brigham Young University)Ph.D. in microbiology (Cornell University)Currently Associate Professor of Biology, James Madison University

  11. Biogeography of plant-associated fungi: who lives where and why?

    28 May 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Naupaka Bruce Zimmerman1, Peter Vitousek2

    1. University of San Francisco 2. Stanford University

    This dataset of fungal communities associated with the leaves an endemic Hawaiian tree provides students opportunities to explore relationships between environmental variables and microbial...

  12. Michelle Bull

  13. Anna Testen

  14. Robert JC McLean

  15. Sara Dick