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Tags: molecular genetics

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  1. Nancy Jo Pokrywka

  2. Caroline Josefsson

  3. Tamara Caspary

  4. Angie Hilliker

  5. Joey Haydock

  6. Ashley Nicole Turner

  7. Walter Gassmann

    Dr. Walter Gassmann is a professor in the Division of Plant Sciences at the University of Missouri and currently serves as the Interim Director of the Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center. He...

  8. Vijaykumar Veerappan

  9. Cal Young

  10. Eloise Carter

  11. Michael Roche

  12. J. Peter Gergen

  13. Nik Tsotakos

  14. Nighat Kokan

  15. Christopher Jones

  16. Joanna Werner-Fraczek

    Joanna Werner-Fraczek is a professor of biology at Moreno Valley College in Southern California. She earned a Ph.D. in plant genetics from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Werner-Fraczek...

  17. Rachel Hoang

  18. Audrey Caroline Wood

  19. Joel E. Greengiant Learns About Peas: From Nucleotides to Selection

    23 Oct 2018 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Merle Heidemann1, Peter J.T. White1, Jim Smith1

    Michigan State University

    This case study follows purveyors of peas, Joel E. and Jolene Greengiant, as they learn about the origin, biochemistry, genetics and eventual artificial selection of sweet (wrinkled) peas, all in...

  20. Heather Miller