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Tags: process of science

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  1. Lori Ann Rose

  2. Following the Data

    09 Apr 2019 | Teaching Materials | Contributor(s):

    By Anna Monfils1, Debra Linton1, Molly Phillips2, Libby Ellwood3

    1. Central Michigan University 2. iDigBio, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida 3. iDigBio

    The video and exercise provides insight into how researchers are using digital data resources to investigate biodiversity in prairie fen wetlands.

  3. An Invitation to Modeling Resources

    Collections | 14 Jun 2018 | Posted by Kam Dahlquist

  4. What Does It Mean When Cancer Findings Can't Be Reproduced?

    Collections | 19 Jan 2017 | Posted by Drew LaMar

  5. Handful of Biologists Went Rogue and Published Directly to Internet

    Collections | 17 Mar 2016 | Posted by Drew LaMar

  6. Planet Money Podcast: #677 The Experiment Experiment

    Collections | 26 Jan 2016 | Posted by Drew LaMar