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Jeffrey Andrew Mahr

Does anyone know of a tool that can be used to assess students’ performance versus mastery orientation?

Crap - I didn't realize that accepting Sam's answer would close the forum, so I am asking it again here.

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    Jeffrey Andrew Mahr

    Here is my response to your reply Sam:

    What I thinking of is students motivation for learning....and is better explained by this link... I have seen it also referred to students being either "entity theorists" (who would think that ability levels are fixed) and "incremental theorists" (who would think that ability levels can be changed).  None of this is as bimodal as these terms would suggest, and there is acknowledgment in the literature that people who are "performance oriented" in one area might be "mastery oriented" in another.

    I want to look at whether there is any relationship between the standard misperceptions in introductory biology (trees get their food from the dirt, cells have different DNA/genes depending on their function etc etc) and a student's position on this learning motivation spectrum.  I can create my own assessment by asking students Likert scale questions about their motivations in class, but I would hope that there is one already out there that has been tested (or used, at the very least) so that I am not introducing more variables by making up my own.

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