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RNA-Seq Analysis GCAT-SEEK Workshop Manual

Developed by Dr. Mark Peterson, this module provides an overview of the different types of RNA-Seq data analyses. It describes how to assess the quality of RNA-Seq data with FastQC, trim adapters and low quality data with Trimmomatic, read mapping with RSEM, differential expression analysis with DESeq, variant detection with VarScan, and de novo assembly with Trinity.

CourseSource Publication

Peterson, M.P., Malloy, J.T., Buonaccorsi, V.P., and Marden, J.H. 2015. Teaching RNAseq at Undergraduate Institutions: A tutorial and R package from the Genome Consortium for Active Teaching. CourseSource.

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GCAT-SEEK Workshop Training Materials

This collection contains the workshop manuals from previous GCAT-SEEK workshops. The topics covered in these manuals include genome assembly, eukaryotic genome annotations, metagenomics, and RNA-Seq.

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Wilson Leung