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  • Created 03 Jun 2015

Dates: Late January - April, 2015

Group Description: This faculty mentoring network will provide participants with a basic introduction to teaching agent-based modeling with NetLogo. The goal is to increase faculty awareness of how NetLogo-based activities can be used to build student understanding of the modeling process and complex biology processes.


Steve Railsback, Humboldt State University, author of "Agent-based and Individual-based Modeling: a Practical Introduction"


  • For the group: The goal for this group is to facilitate interactions among peers, and between peers and mentors, to avoid the duplicative effort and needless inefficiencies of teaching in isolation. 
  • For individuals: The goal for each individual is to implement one or more ABM teaching modules in their course during fall semester.  A secondary goal is to develop a deeper understanding of agent-based modeling concepts and NetLogo programming, and how to effectively teach them.

Intended Audience: Faculty who teach biology at any level and who would like help implementing their first ABM modules in courses.

Commitment: approximately 6-weeks, 2-3 hours/week (though, clearly, the more you put in the more you will get out)

 Manager (direct questions to): Jeremy Wojdak