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  • Created 11 Sep 2019

Please note that online meetings are every other week, but there are assignments for asynchronous weeks. The first two meetings will be one hour, the rest will be 30 minutes. Typical meetings will occur Mondays from 1:00-1:30 pm EST / 10:00-10:30 am PST and Thursdays from 2:30-3:00 pm EST / 11:30-12:00 PST. 

Date Topic Task for the Week
Week of January 13 (1 hour) Kick-Off Meeting
  • Attend the Kick-Off Meeting
  • Introduce yourself in the Forum
Week of January 20 (asynchronous) BIOMAAP Materials
  • Dive in to the BIOMAAP materials and decide which modules you will implement
  • Use the Forum to describe your course, share the modules you plan to implement, and the pinch point you will address
  • Respond to others' posts
Week of January 27 (1 hour) BIOMAAP & UDL
  • Attend weekly meeting
Week of February 3 (asynchronous) BIOMAAP & UDL
  • Map your selected BIOMAAP modules to the UDL Guidelines
  • Watch the video on Mathematical Mindsets and explore Youcubed
Week of February 10 BIOMAAP Demo
  • Attend weekly meeting
Week of February 17 (asynchronous) UDL & Plus-Ones
  • Review material on UDL
  • Consider your own learning with UDL, questions you have, and post to the Forum
Week of February 24 UDL Check-in
  • Attend weekly meeting
Week of March 9 (asynchronous) Review Implementation
  • Review your implementation plan, considering the BIOMAAP demonstrations and information on mindset. 
  • Share revisions to your planned or future implementation of the materials on the Forum
  • Review selected material on UDL
Week of March 16 Revisiting UDL
  • Attend weekly meeting
Week of March 23 (asynchronous) Review Implementation
  • Share challenges you are facing in moving your course online, respond to other with ideas, strategies, or resources to address those challenges. 
Week of March 30 Multiple Means of Action & Expression
  • Attend weekly meeting
  • Preview final products
Week of April 6 (asynchronous) Multiple Means of Action & Expression
  • Intersections of Engagement and Accessibility
  • Exploring how UDL can support the switch to teaching online
Week of April 13 Plus-Ones beyond BIOMAAP
  • Attend weekly meeting
Week of April 20 (asynchronous) Plus-Ones beyond BIOMAAP
  • Consider which UDL checkpoints are easier to apply when teaching online and two that are more challenging in an online setting. 
  • Share your ideas to the Forum
Week of April 27 Final Products
  • Attend weekly meeting
Week of May 4 (asynchronous) Final Products
  • Share your draft final product. Include module material, description, and UDL-alignment. 
  • Provide feedback to others
Week of May 11 Participant Selected Topic
  • Attend weekly meeting
  • Work on final products
Week of May 18 (asynchronous) Final Products
  • Share final products as QUBES Resources