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  • Created 11 Nov 2021

Hosting a Project with BioQUEST / QUBES
FMN Group

Applications Due: January 7, 2022

Visit the Application Page

Are you interested in learning more about the ways that your project can leverage BioQUEST and QUBES resources? Apply now to join us for the Spring 2022 Hosting a Project with BioQUEST/QUBES Faculty Mentoring Network (FMN).

Using BioQUEST and QUBES resources to support your STEM Ed reform project is pretty straightforward but there is a learning curve. If you already have a group on QUBES or you are considering starting one please join us for guided experience through the basics of planning, implementing, and sustaining a project community. By the end of this FMN you will have your group set up, understand the basics of how to use a QUBES group to support your project work, and build a vibrant online community. Participants will meet online biweekly to collaborate with and support each other in the process of setting up a functional project space. 

Applications are due January 7, 2022.

Additional information about the application process, including the small set of questions you will be asked to address can be viewed on the application page

Description: This is an opportunity to work directly with with BioQUEST/QUBES staff to launch your online project space. Over the course of the semester we will work through a series of exercises and explore different examples of how you can create an easy to manage, collaborative community to pursue you STEM ed reform project. 

Dates & Location: The virtual kick-off will be held in mid-January 2022, (date and time TBD). The FMN will continue online through the semester.

Application Process: Applications are due January 7, 2022. You can follow this link to view the application form. 


Commitment and Benefits of Participation:

To qualify, participants must be willing to participate in the entire FMN and construct or refine a project group space during the Spring 2022 semester.  Participants must also be able to commit ~1 hour per week for working with mentors and collaborating with other participants around learning the QUBES group infrastructure  and how it can be used to customize your group space. Additional time outside of these discussions may be required for independent work on developing your site content and community engagement strategies.

Access to a draft outline of the FMN curriculum here


If you have questions, please feel free to contact Sam Donovan at sam.donovan@bioquest.org or Deb Rook at deb.rook@bioquest.org .