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  • Created 30 Sep 2016

Timeline for DIG into Data in the Biology Classroom

Meetings (see general schedule below):

Every other week with small groups - starting week of January 16 and ending the week of May 1


Tentative schedule:

Week of January 16th: Kick off

For the next three meetings groups will focus on one of the three topics:

  • Webinar with Guest speaker
  • Round table discussion of favorite resources and introducing dataset ideas
  • Paper discussion

Please make sure to attend your scheduled small group meetings (Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday), but you are also welcome to drop in to additional webinars if you are available.

Week of January 30th:

Monday, January 30 at 12pm EST:          Paper discussion

Wednesday, February 1 at 3pm EST:      Paper discussion

Thursday, February 2 at 1pm EST:          Chris Beck, TIEE (link to Webinar

Week of February 13th: 

Monday, February 13 at 12pm EST:        Chris Beck, TIEE 

Wednesday, February 15 at 3pm EST:    Melissa Aikens, University of New Hampshire on assessment (link to Webinar)

Thursday, February 16 at 1pm EST:        Paper discussion

Week of February 27th:

Monday, February 27 at 12pm EST:        Megan Jones, NEON (link to Zoom)

Wednesday March 1 at 3pm EST:           Melissa Kjelvik and Elizabeth Schultheis, Data Nuggets  (link to Webinar)

Thursday March 2 at 1pm EST:               Tom Langen, Clarkson University (link to Webinar)

Spring Break

Week of March 20th:

Workshop datasets and peer feedback (2 participants present, ~30 minutes each) Link to Draft Materials folder

Monday presenters:

  • Maruthi Bhaskar
  • Elizabeth Braker

Wednesday presenters:

  • Mandy Little

Thursday presenters (March 23 at 1pm EST):

  • Kristine Grayson
  • Jennifer Kovacs

Week of April 3rd:

Workshop datasets and peer feedback (2 participants present, ~30 minutes each) Link to Draft Materials folder

Monday presenters:

  • Deb Linton
  • Bibit Traut

Wednesday presenters:

  • iDigBio: Libby Ellwood & Molly Phillips
  • Sarah Orlofske

Thursday presenters (April 6th at 1pm EST):

  • Kristen Genet
  • Alida Janmaat

Week of April 17th:

Workshop datasets and peer feedback (2 participants present, ~30 minutes each) Link to Draft Materials folder

Monday presenters:

  • Jennifer Doherty
  • Christine May

Wednesday presenters:

  • Kathryn Perez
  • Naupaka Zimmerman

Thursday presenters (April 20th at 1pm EST):

  • Louise Mead
  • Megan Jones

Week of May 1st:

Wrap-up and remaining workshop datasets and peer feedback Link to Draft Materials folder

Monday presenters:

  • Denny Fernandez

Thursday presenters (May 4th at 1pm EST):

  • Anna Monfils
  • Anna Carter

May 30th:  Submit dataset for review



Complete draft and workshop presenting your dataset - mid-semester

Present your material during one of the workshop meeting days and provide feedback to your group members (Week of March 20th through April 17th)

Post completed TIEE dataset manuscript for review - May 30th