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  • Created 30 Sep 2016

Presenter Expectations:


  • Post your data set and an associated description of the student activities and associated learning outcomes. This is the “What Students Do” section of the TIEE submission (see below for description).


  • Be prepared to spend 5 - 10 minutes describing the data set and your vision for the classroom


  • TIEE formatted documents are welcome, but not required at this stage. Please look at the categories in the TIEE submission and be prepared to discuss your ideas for writing the following:



                        The Ecological Question: question addressed by the research

                        Ecological Content: e.g. predation, competition, etc.


                        What Students Do: what students actually do, e.g. use excel files to …


                        Student-active Approaches: suggested approaches, e.g. jigsaw


                        Skills: types of cognitive and technical skills the activity strengthens; e.g. using spread sheets, analyzing data …

                        Assessable Outcomes: what faculty can use to measure student skills and intended learning outcomes; e.g. written interpretation of a figure



Participant Expectations:

  • Check out the data set and attempt to complete the student analysis or graphing activity. Bring your thoughts on how it might go and ideas for refining


  • Add written feedback as comments on documents in Google Drive


  • Think about how the presenter might address other categories above in the TIEE submission