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  • Created 01 Jun 2017

Helpful references/modules/tutorials for math modeling/applied math skills

Add handouts and videos for helpful references, modules, and tutorials for modeling skills.

1 posts

Getting students excited about applied math

Video vignettes, readings, and other resources for getting students excited about applied mathematics.

4 posts

Projects for upper-level modeling courses

Projects for upper-level modeling courses.

This may include papers that students should/can read. Projects that students can follow along with in a course.

1 posts

Writing & Presentation Tips

A general paper with some tips and great references. 

21 posts

Funding and other logistic matters for undergraduate research

Collection of resources around funding and other logistic tips for undergraduate research

6 posts

Foundational and/or entry level modeling courses

Resources, papers, books, links related to foundation classes for applied math research/modeling

7 posts

Resources for Advising Undergraduate Research

Tutorials, software, templates, and tips for advising undergraduate research

12 posts

Diversity and Inclusion

Resources to help encourage diverse representation in mathematics and to foster diversity and inclusion in the classroom.

7 posts

AALAC presentations

Share presentations from the AALAC Strategic Optimization workshop

3 posts

Mathematical modeling course

Textbooks and resources for teaching a mathematical modeling course designed to introduce undergraduate students to applied mathematics research.

9 posts