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  • Created 01 Jun 2017

"Getting students excited about applied math" 4 posts Sort by created date Sort by defined ordering View as a grid View as a list

Financial Math videos

Blog post from the BIG Network highlighting videos from IPAM international meeting on financial mathematics.

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Mathematician Ami Radunskaya - The Empowerment Project

A short (3:22 min) clip from the documentary "The Empowerment Project: Ordinary Women doing Extraordinary Things", directed by Sarah Moshman.  In this clip, Prof. Radunskaya explains why she loves nonlinear differential equations.

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Videos from MAA's Preparation for Industrial Careers

4 sets of videos on

  1. improving marketing strategies, 
  2. movie animation,
  3. making better filters for water/waste,
  4. finding the best place to store nuclear waste.

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