Join our new Open Ed Learning Community (Spring 2022)!

Summary: Join us for a new, 6-session, Learning Community on "Open Education Grounded in Social Justice." We will explore how social justice in Open Pedagogy empowers instructors and students in the learning environment. The learning community will meet on Mondays at 4pm (EST) from March 14 - April 18 on Zoom. Register here:


Please join us for a 6-session Learning Community series led by Dr. Carlos Goller (North Carolina State University) and Dr. Melanie Lenahan (Raritan Valley Community College) in which participants will engage in discussions, short readings and mini-workshops to explore basic tools for Open Education Practices. This learning community is designed for anyone interested in exploring, creating, and/or implementing a STEM curriculum through Open Science and Open Pedagogy. We encourage all to engage, including faculty, instructors, librarians, instructional technologists and designers, and organizational leaders, as well as policy makers and funders who want to learn more about the connections between open science and open education. Shared discussions and resources from these sessions will be used to build and create new curated materials to provide you success strategies as you move beyond this workshop.

The learning community will meet on Mondays at 4pm (EST) from March 14 - April 18 on Zoom

If you are interested in participating, please complete our short registration survey:

More details can be found on our Learning Community page:

For questions about logistics, contact Kaitlin Bonner ( who is the RIOS support member for this project.

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