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About the Group

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Welcome to Squirrel-Net!

Squirrel-Net is a network of college and university instructors connected by the unifying desire to integrate meaningful scientific research with mammals into undergraduate biology education. We have developed and implemented a series of four course-based undergraduate research experiences (CUREs) that investigate the behavior and ecology of sciurids, or squirrels. These small mammals are an appealing and transferable study subject for many reasons: squirrels are charismatic, active during the day as well as year round, and found in numerous habitat types including college campuses.  In fact, there are over 60 species of sciurids found across North America!

Our goals at Squirrel-Net are to establish long-term datasets on sciurids from diverse habitats associated with college campuses across North America with standardized protocols, while simultaneously providing CUREs to students in the biological sciences.  Our datasets will allow students and researchers to test a wide-array of ecological questions across a range of spatial and temporal scales.

We invite you to check out our modules (published in QUBES!), find out more about our activities, and join our network!

Learn more at: http://squirrel-net.org !