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Collaborative case writing and field testing with Molecular CaseNet brings together discipline specific expertise for innovative pedagogical tools in the classroom

Molecular case studies (MCS) use an interesting story as a hook , followed by exploration of biochemistry of one or more molecules of interest.  They can be useful in teaching about macromolecule structure and function and also for improving biomolecular visualization and analysis in undergraduate and graduate level classes. Several unique collaborations have stemmed from discussions and workshops facilitated by the Molecular CaseNet group. The “Malaria and Maria” case was originally drafted by a group of students in Dr. Vardar-Ulu’s Biochemistry class in Fall 2020 at Boston University.  This student authored MCS replaced the in-person laboratory student projects during the COVID-19 remote instruction period in Fall 2020. The case examines the structure of the enzyme Lactate Dehydrogenase, a key player in anaerobic metabolism. Dr. Vardar-Ulu used this case to teach Biochemistry at Boston University. Since the case uses Malaria, a neglected tropical disease as a hook, it was also a good fit for the Molecular Parasitology class taught by Dr. Agrawal at University of Mary Washington. In Spring 2022 the case was piloted in both these universities.

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