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    I am a trained Immunologist who switches between the bench and the informal classroom. Most recently, I taught coding and programming to Black and Latinx middle school students. Currently, I am building a project I have called 'Thinkerleaf', which aims to help academic, educators, individuals and organizations create outreach activities that are effective and culturally relevant. This project is based on my experience as a research scientist and informal educator. I can divide my career in three interconnecting branches; Research Scientist: I am interested in the immunological processes involved in inflammation. Most recently, I studied the inflammation processes involved in muscle wasting, and how we can harness phytochemical and steroids derived from plants to (positively) influence these processes. I am interested in utilizing computational genomic approaches to expand on my research experiences. Data Scientist (in-training) I am interesting in learning to utilize data beyond driving hypothesis generation and journal-ready figures. I would like to learn to refine, create and apply data tools to provide insights, reveal patterns, and drive decisions in biological and non-biological (business) models. Working on a self-learning curriculum of SQL, Python, and R. Informal Educator: I actively engage the public at the intersection of nature and science. I strongly believe that outdoors spaces are excellent environments to teach how scientific questions are inspired by nature and their eventual influence in our natural, cultural, and societal landscapes. This approach has made me a better scientist as I am able to relate knowledge to diverse audiences and understand how people learn and engage with information.

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