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    The University of Montana Western

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    I am an ecologist at the University of Montana Western. My research focuses on engaging undergraduates to investigate how ecosystems and species respond to natural and anthropogenic disturbances, particularly in aquatic systems. In collaboration with undergraduate students at my institution, we have studied riparian vegetation influences on stream temperatures, lake food web dynamics between native and non-native fish, sagebrush songbird energetics in relation to climate variability, stochastic models of disease ecology in bats, ecological interactions at beaver dams, and the influence of urban building and vegetation design on window collisions by songbirds. My current research interests include flood-irrigation influences on migratory water birds, Arctic grayling early life history constraints, Western pearlshell mussel conservation, and supporting continental-scale ecology projects involving students at primarily undergraduate institutions and citizen science. I have a bachelor’s of science degree in biology with an emphasis in marine and freshwater biology from the University of New Hampshire (1998) and a Ph.D. in organismal biology and ecology from the University of Montana (2008) studying floodplain biocomplexity.

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