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BLUE (biomeblue)

Project by group summer2020


We will be exploring the various CUREs that have been developed using Natural History Collection (NHC) Databases. By the end of this BIOME Institute we hope to be able to do the following:

  1. Build a learning progression for students working with NHC databases to conduct research
  2. Coalesce on a core set of biodiversity data content and skills students need to navigate NHC databases
  3. Identify resource gaps for students and instructors navigating the complexity of NHC databases 
  4. Developing core assessment materials that can be used to evaluate learning gains in students doing undergraduate research
  5. Publish a set or series of Open Education Resources to facilitate the integration of research and NHC databases into the undergraduate classroom
  6. Identify products or publications we can work to develop to disseminate the work of the BLUE Biome Experience


Facilitators: Anna Monfils & Debra Linton