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BioQUEST has played an important role in the development and implementation of the QUBES project over the last seven years, sharing leadership, staff, and resources, as well as philosophies about open education resources and professional development that empowers faculty. As NSF funding for the initial QUBES project comes to an end in August of 2021, the QUBES infrastructure will officially move under the management of BioQUEST, a community of transformation with a 35-year mission to empower faculty to adopt innovative teaching and learning practices. 

This shift in management has been evolving over the last few years and will ensure sustainability for the QUBES platform. It also provides exciting opportunities for innovative models of collaboration, professional development, and open publishing that leverage BioQUEST's long track record of community building with the QUBES platform’s broad reach and functionality.

Access to the QUBES platform and the Educational Resources Library will continue to be free for community users. We will continue to offer project support services and professional development opportunities. See the services page on QUBES for the latest information.

Both the BioQUEST organization and the QUBES project share a commitment to evidence-based STEM education reform, inclusive teaching and Universal Design for Learning, open educational resources, and curriculum development that actively engages all students in real-world, data-driven scientific inquiry. We will move forward with one mission--broadly, to empower Life Science educators to drive innovation in STEM education for all students. BioQUEST collaborates with diverse projects, professional societies, scientific data and tool providers, and education reform communities to promote innovative undergraduate STEM education. 

We look forward to supporting and strengthening this outstanding community. Please feel free to reach out to our team with questions or concerns, and stay tuned to our monthly newsletter and social media for more announcements. You can learn more about BioQUEST’s mission, vision, and values, and its 35-year history here.