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Are you a faculty, staff, postdoc, or graduate student who has developed biologically-based mathematics activities for the undergraduate classroom or laboratory? If so, please consider sharing your work with CourseSource. CourseSource is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes teaching resources that have been developed with evidence-based pedagogical techniques. The articles include background information, detailed step-by-step lesson plans, and supporting materials for activities that are organized by courses and aligned with learning goals developed by professional societies.  Activities that focus on quantitative skills can be added to established courses (e.g., bioinformatics, genetics, ecology) and/or linked to the Science Process Skills section.
CourseSource is encouraging new submissions and we are excited to publish activities that help all students develop and improve their quantitative skills.  The journal editors view their role as coaches in this process and work closely with authors to ensure a high quality and replicable manuscript. Several journal editors are also part of the NIBLSE Leadership Team.  The instructions to authors can be found here. By publishing your ideas, you can amplify the impact of your work, help other instructors make connections between mathematics and biology, and enhance your C.V. - all while helping students learn.

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