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Opportunity for early career colleagues:  2019 Undergraduate Biology Education Research Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) and Gordon Research Conference (GRC)

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Opportunity for early career colleagues:  2019 Undergraduate Biology Education Research Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) and Gordon Research Conference (GRC)

We invite applications for the 2019 Undergraduate Biology Education Research Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) and Gordon Research Conference (GRC)! We are specifically recruiting graduate students and post-docs who are either: (1) actively engaged in biology education research, (2) considering a career transition into biology education research, or (3) current or future undergraduate biology educators who want to learn more about biology education research. We encourage you to apply by March 1st, 2019
Conference Overview

The GRS and GRC will be an exciting opportunity for stakeholders in undergraduate biology education, including researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners, to network and discuss cutting-edge research. The GRS is a 2-day conference (June 22-23, 2019) specifically for early-career scientists that directly precedes the GRC (June 23-28, 2019), both held at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. We strongly encourage all GRS participants to also attend the GRC. In addition to research talks and poster presentations, the GRS will feature a mentoring session where you will be able to interact with experts and field leaders.  
Who should attend?

You will be a good fit for the GRS and GRC if you are a grad student or postdoc and one of the following describes you:

  • You currently conduct biology education research;
  • You are interested in conducting biology education research in your future career; or
  • You teach or aim to teach undergraduate biology and want to know more about biology education research.

We are committed to having the broadest possible representation of voices and ensuring that this meeting reflects the diversity of our society and scientific community. Therefore, we especially welcome applications from members of historically underrepresented groups.


To apply, please visit the GRS and GRC conference websites. The GRS and GRC require separate applications (see associated GRC webpage for the GRC application). While the final deadline to apply for the GRS/GRC is May 25th, 2019, we will be working with the GRC chairs to coordinate application acceptances soon after March 1st, 2019. We therefore encourage you to apply as soon as possible to reserve your spot, even if you do not yet have an abstract prepared. You may update your application with an abstract at a later date. Under "Activities" in the application, please briefly explain (in 1,020 characters or less) your research interests and stage in your career, as well as why you would like to attend the GRS and/or GRC. There is some need-based funding, provided by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, available to defray travel and registration costs--please indicate in the “Activities” section if you would be unable to attend the GRS/GRC without supplemental funding.
Abstract Submissions

If applicable, we encourage you to submit an abstract to present your research or teaching projects as either a poster or a research talk, even if you are at a very early stage in your work. You are welcome to submit the same abstract to both the GRS and GRC. To be considered for an oral presentation, abstracts must be uploaded by March 22nd, 2019.  

For questions related to the 2019 GRS, please contact the GRS conference chairs Lisa Limeri ( and Emma Goodwin ( If you know other early-career scientists who may be interested in attending this meeting, please forward them this invitation! Thank you for helping us spread the word!

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